The proposed Garden Bridge is a BRIDGE TOO FAR.

The Garden Bridge is a vanity project dreamt up by the actress Joanna Lumley and enabled by Boris Johnson, who she has known since he was four years old. After a procurement which has been described as illegal, the designer Thomas Heatherwick and Arup are now watching over a development which has ballooned in price from £60m to £175m.

It is openly condemned by experts in architecture, heritage, public finance, urban design, politics, environmental, horticultural and procurement disciplines, it is also hugely opposed by local residents who will see their community irreparably damaged by this enormous tourist attraction.

The Garden Bridge is a private development which has been given £60m of public money and will block some of the finest urban views in the world. Nearly 30 mature trees will be chopped down and a loved public park will be built over with a commercial unit and corporate entertainment platform.

Despite having the façade of a ‘green’ project, this massive concrete structure is hugely environmentally damaging and opposed by green organisations who condemn it as a greenwash vanity project which uses funds which could be used for genuine environmental improvement.

Being immediately next to Waterloo Bridge it serves no transport purpose but does feature a “Disney style queue system”, private security and will frequently be closed to public access while it is closed for private hire. There has been minimal public consultation about a development which will hugely affect London to the point that many people are unaware of the location, cost, private ownership and environmental implications.

It really is A BRIDGE TOO FAR, but it can be stopped.