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RIBA Call For Garden Bridge Investigations

30 Jun 2016

Yesterday the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Council met to discuss the Garden Bridge and passed a motion calling for investigation. This follows last week’s meeting of RIBA London and their resolution calling for the project to be halted while a review of the procurement was carried out.

The motion put to the full RIBA Council was:

“In the light of the seriousness of allegations relating to the Garden Bridge, RIBA Council calls for the procurement process to be opened up to full and detailed independent scrutiny so that this public procurement may be or may not be evidenced as fair, transparent and in accordance with the law.”

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Sadiq Khan: A Mayor For All Londoners?

28 Jun 2016

At the recent Mayor’s Question Time on 22nd June Caroline Russell, Member of the London Assembly for the Green Party, submitted a written question to Sadiq Khan:

So, how did this “Mayor for all Londoners” who promised the most engaging, open and transparent leadership answer?

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Veering All Over The Place Like A Shopping Trolley

26 Jun 2016

One of the most disturbing moments of this week’s referendum events for anyone with an inkling of knowledge about the Garden Bridge was at the end of the BBC Question Time live debate when the audience gave Boris Johnson a standing ovation, whooping wildly. Regardless of your views of the vote or the many issues around it, for those of us who understand the history of Boris Johnson lying, ‘sandpapering’ the truth, setting up deals for his friends and generally acting with total contempt for Londoners and those he was elected to represent it was an odd, and sobering, to see that the cult of Boris is live and kicking.

The reasons for his political success and buoyancy are not hugely dissimilar to the history of the Garden Bridge, and perhaps it’s not surprising as he has been one of the key figures in helping the development stutter along to the place it has got to thus far – he is, after all, quite skilled at keeping a neat facade to conceal behaviours and actions which are less than savoury.

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Half Of You Need Cheering Up

24 Jun 2016

Half of the country needs cheering up today, and there’s not usually much for the Garden Bridge opposition to chuckle at.

But try this short by Halloumi Films in collaboration with Thames Central Open Spaces, whose roving reporter interviews Boris on the South Bank…

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Sadiq Khan Should Do What Is Right

23 Jun 2016

This post is contributed by Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member


Last year I wrote an article for A Folly For London’s website setting out my serious concerns about how the Garden Bridge had come about and in particular some very concerning aspects of the procurement process relating to the awarding of the design contract.

Looking back at what I wrote there is not a word that I expressed that I regret, indeed if anything my concerns have heightened over the last year.

Of course much has happened in the last 12 months…

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Question Sadiq On The Garden bridge

22 Jun 2016

Next week Sadiq Khan will be explaining his vision for our capital city at:

The State Of London Debate
Indigo at the O2, Peninsula Square, London, SE10 0DX
On Thursday 30th June 2016 from 7pm – 9pm (doors 6pm)

More details and map are HERE.

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The Increasing Costs of The Garden Bridge

19 Jun 2016

The figure of £175m for the Garden Bridge is constantly repeated by the media, the Garden Bridge Trust, Sadiq Khan and TfL. But how did we get to that figure? And how accurate is it for completely untested engineering and architecture which has apparently eaten up nearly £40m before even getting all the permissions in place?

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London Needs Real Green Infrastructure, Not a Garden Bridge

17 Jun 2016

In this post Tim Waterman, educator and writer in landscape, updates an article he wrote a year and a half ago which considers the Garden Bridge as dystopian landscape which should be resolutely opposed:

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A Garden Bridge Alternative

15 Jun 2016

Yesterday a tweet appeared from established architects Allies and Morrison. As a company they have a respected portfolio covering massive to small in scale, contemporary to historic conservation.

You will recognise their work all over the South Bank area, whether it’s the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at the Globe, the Royal Festival Hall refurb, the Blue Fin offices or the new Rambert Dance Company HQ. But yesterday their tweet suggested a South Bank intervention which seemed familiar…

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The Garden Bridge Trust’s Public Funding Breakdown

14 Jun 2016

The day after A Bridge Too Far posted a short piece on the Garden Bridge finances the Garden Bridge Trust published a press release titled “Public Funding Breakdown“. I don’t think it was written in response to the article on here so much as them desperately trying to make people feel OK with the swirling claims, started by Sadiq Khan, that £37m of public money has been spent. Anyway, it can’t have been published in response to the article on here because they failed to address nearly all of the points raised. But let’s look at what they did say.

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SIx Things You Can’t Do On The Garden Bridge

11 Jun 2016

An article by Phil Marson, the Chair of Inner London Ramblers, originally published on the Inner London Ramblers website. It has been reproduced here with kind permission.

Inner London Ramblers comprises of nine London groups and including a large section of the Thames Path, one of the most walked routes in the country.

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Swinging in Lambeth

10 Jun 2016

No, not the swinging Lambeth’s own David Bowie sang about, but the political kind. In the local election in Lambeth’s ward of Gipsey Hill there was a huge swing away from Labour and to the Green Party:

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Private Eye on the Garden Bridge Finances

9 Jun 2016

The current edition of Private Eye, out for only £1.80 in shops today, has a comment on the Garden Bridge by ‘Piloti’:

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A Democratic Garden

8 Jun 2016

Yesterday was one of the rare days that the Evening Standard didn’t give a soft push to the Garden Bridge. They are the sole ‘newspaper’ which diligently reprints the Garden Bridge Trust press releases with total lack of a critical eye, but then also bumps it up with offering its services as a marketing machine for the beleaguered private development.

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Guerrilla Gardening or a Garden Bridge?

7 Jun 2016

Richard Reynolds is a guerrilla gardener who for years has been taking the horticultural improvement of London’s neglected open spaces into his own hands with illicit cultivation.

The work he does with other like-minded people is entirely about community, celebrating the existing spaces and improving the everyday streets for better greening, improved walkability and a more exciting urban environment. Have a look at his website, or follow him on Twitter, to see the kind of simple ways city streets can be vastly improved with very little money, but a lot of love, intelligence and care.

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A Short History of CSCB

6 Jun 2016

The Coin Street campaign for affordable family housing began in 1974 and was led by a grassroots Action Group. They formed to fight against the powerful force (and pocket) of developers who saw this part of London as ripe for vast office and retail schemes, ignoring the sensitivity or community which existed there.

But in 1984 the original action group morphed into Coin Street Community Builders (CSCB), a private company limited by guarantee, and things starting changing…

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Letting the Private Sector Buy London

5 Jun 2016

Last Friday the Evening Standard published a comment piece on the proposal to spend £20m to illuminate London’s bridges. The plan optimistically includes the Garden Bridge as one of those to be lit up at night, even though the Garden Bridge Trust face an increasing struggle to even start their development.

The piece, by Rashid Razaq, only spent a couple of paragraphs on the idea of spending £20m to add to London’s light pollution before it turned into another Evening Standard publicity drive for the unpopular Garden Bridge.

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Coin Street Vigil

4 Jun 2016

Thames Central Open Spaces invite you to join them for their monthly vigil outside Coin Street Neighbourhood Centre:

108 Stamford Street, SE1 9NH

MONDAY 6th JUNE, 4.30pm – 6pm.

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A Bridge Too Far

3 Jun 2016

Welcome to A Bridge Too Far.

The opposition to the proposed Garden Bridge has grown exponentially over the last twelve months, directly in relation to people finding out the truths behind it and how it will adversely affect London.

This website will offer a place for people to find out how they can best help stop the development, be a place for regular updates and have a few extras thrown as we go along.

Both A Folly For London and Thames Central Open Spaces will keep their websites, social media action and campaigning. This isn’t a replacement for either, more a call-to-arms and space of cohesion as we enter a critical few months.

The brilliant design skills of The Office of Craig Oldham has given it this great visual identity, and with it – and you – we can tell The Garden Bridge Trust, Sadiq Khan, Lambeth Council, Coin Street Community Builders and all the others who refuse to engage with Londoners.




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