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21 Oct 2016

Sadiq Khan has proudly been proclaiming that “London Is Open” recently – one of the most repeated slogans of our mayor who isn’t shy of a soundbite. He has had a curious relationship with the Garden Bridge, constantly repositioning himself to get political traction from who he needs when he needs it. But now the time has come for him to remember he is Mayor and take some leadership on the matter rather than constantly pass the buck.

And while he refuses to answer or address serious questions on the Garden Bridge, exactly what is he saying “London Is Open” to?

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Joanna Lumley’s Audio Diary

16 Oct 2016

I was going for a walk around Stockwell last month when I noticed a cassette tape lying on the ground. I’d not seen one in ages, so picked it up, put it in my bag and thought nothing more of it. Then, a week or so later I came across it, looked more closely and read the hand scrawled title – “joanna’s audio diary october 2015”.

Intrigued, I dug out my tape player from the loft and gave it a listen. I knew these dulcet tones! It was recordings of Joanna Lumley! Some kind of audio diary she must have taped daily. There was only one entry about the Garden Bridge, so I sat down to transcribe it.

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A Summary Of The NAO Report Coverage

12 Oct 2016

One day after the National Audit Office report and everybody is talking about the Garden Bridge. The facts of the report were pulled apart across the mainstream media, broadsheets to tabloids, with below-the-line commentators fuming and social media seeping with anger.

Most of the headlines focused on the finances that will be lost when the bridge is cancelled, but this is not the story – these figures were already known and are far smaller than the sums that the public purse would be liable for should the project ever see the light of day. But deeper into the articles journalists realised where the real stories lay – and there are many of them in a loaded and critical report.

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The National Audit Office’s Garden Bridge Investigation

11 Oct 2016

Today the National Audit Office (NAO) publish findings from their investigations into the Garden Bridge. Because of the remit of the NAO they were only looking into the £30m from the Department for Transport (DfT).

However, this is an important line of inquiry. A lot of attention has rightly been given to the procurement, the TfL monies and other problems with the bridge. But the £30m from the national taxpayer has had many question marks hanging over it.

Their report will be widely circulated and reported in the news. But here are their key findings reproduced without comment from their press release

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Communities Protesting Lambeth Council

9 Oct 2016

Yesterday a few hundred people gathered in central Brixton to protest Lambeth Council for many ongoing local concerns, including the Garden Bridge. It was organised by a wide group of local activist groups who have concerns with how the dominant Labour council, and the few people who have prime control of it, have treated local communities over such issues as library closures, selling off of social housing, social cleansing of Brixton and more.


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Margaret Hodge’s Inquiry – one week on

3 Oct 2016

Just over a week ago Sadiq Khan announced that he had appointed Margaret Hodge MP to oversee an full inquiry into the Garden Bridge, its finances, history and oversight. It was widely picked up across the media (even, briefly, the Evening Standard) and will not only raise awareness about the numerous issues and concerns with the project, but also shed more light into some of the many dark corners.

Here we look at what will be covered by the report, how it was reported and what it means for the nailing of the Garden Bridge coffin.

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