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A Standard Plea Of Desperation

16 Nov 2016

It’s not all about the money, the Garden Bridge has countless serious issues with it from environmental damage, privatisation of the city, destruction of a public park, damage to the local community, purposelessness and so on. But it’s understandable that money is a huge talking point during times of ‘austerity’ and when everyone at home is counting their pounds.

Increasingly it’s a huge issue for the Garden Bridge Trust too – because they have so little but need so much. But worry not, the Evening Standard are doing their feeble best to get some for them.


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Donald Trump & the Garden Bridge are symbols of the neoliberal end-days

9 Nov 2016

Trump’s victory is the culmination of three decades of neoliberalism. When markets are given such a high status that a property developer can become leader of the free-world. When competition becomes the sole mechanism for change a gameshow host can become president.

The world and politics which created this, which grew from the reigns of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan and the ideas of Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, is that which has created much of western urbanity, of which London is the prime example. A city where capital has taken control of every element of the city; the public and private, the personal and political, the structural and aesthetic. Donald Trump and the Garden Bridge are powerful symbols of these neoliberal end-days.


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A simple question still unanswered

7 Nov 2016

Back in March 2016 the Garden Bridge Trust put out a press release celebrating with delight the signing of a construction contract with Bouygues TP and Cimolai SpA. There were raised eyebrows at the time as to why they had decided to do this while facing seemingly insurmountable hurdles and huge public and political opposition. But, sign it they did, and because they then defaulted on publishing their accounts we still don’t quite know the financial repercussions of it.

But as the months have passed by other bits of information do come out, even if their opaque finances remain concealed. In this post – sent in by an anonymous Garden Bridge opponant – we compare what was said in that press release with what we now know as fact.

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