About A Bridge Too Far

A Bridge Too Far is fighting the planned Garden Bridge in central London and is a coming together of two campaigns, Thames Central Open Spaces and A Folly For London, to provide a platform of factual information, expert opinion and updates against the development.

A Folly For London

is a project by artist Will Jennings combining political action and awareness. It began with a competition looking for absurd alternatives to the Garden Bridge which were equally as wasteful, vain, damaging and pointless and has moved on into more traditional action alongside satire and awareness through social media.


Thames Central Open Spaces

was created in 2014 with the aim of protecting open space along the River Thames and the South Bank. TCOS is supporting a challenge to the undemocratic process behind the Garden Bridge in the High Court for a second time. TCOS maintains a strong presence at critical events and has ongoing discussions with key decision makers to raise awareness of this wasteful vanity project that would privatise open space.